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A vehicle, when it reaches 3 years old, is required an MOT annually in order to check that it meets with environmental and roadworthiness standards. A valid MOT Certificate is required in order to prevent your car insurance and road tax becoming invalid. You do not need to wait until the last minute - An MOT can be booked up to 28 days prior to the current MOT certificate running out.

When it comes to booking your MOT, you need a reliable test centre you can trust. Motor Vehicle Services is a VOSA regulated approved test centre with years of experience and a highly skilled team of honest, reliable testers.

We can provide MOTs for all makes and models as well as commercial vehicles, vans and minibuses.

We promise excellent customer service by fully qualified staff at competitive prices. All work and parts are guaranteed. In addition, we will nevrer undertake any work without your prior consent. If your vehicle fails any element of its MOT, as we are also a dedicated vehicle repair shop, we can carry out all necessary repair work onsite. We take the hassle of MOTs!

Our MOT Testing Station at Motor Vehicle Services is authorised by the governing body VOSA, the vehicle and operator services agency.

All of our MOT testers are fully trained and certified by VOSA.

We are also happy to provide advice on general care and maintenance if you require it.

We carry out MOTs for:
Class 4, 5 and 7 vehicles -

Class 4
Cars (up to 8 passenger seats) and motor Caravans (age first certificate required: 3 years)
3 wheeled Vehicles (over 450kg unladen weight) (3 years)
Quads (max unladen weight 400kg - for goods vehicles 550kg, max net power of 15w) (3 years)
Private Hire Vehicles and PSVs (up to 8 seats) (3 years)
Goods Vehicles (up to 3,000kg DGW) (3 years)
Ambulances and Taxis(Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles may be subject to additional local requirements) (1 year)
Private Passenger Vehicles and Ambulances (9-12 passenger seats) (1 year)

Class 4A
includes seat belt installation check (9-12 passenger seats)

Class 5
Private Passenger Vehicles and Ambulances (13 or more passenger seats) (1 year)

Class 5A
includes seat belt installation check (13or more passenger seats)

Class 7
Goods Vehicles (Over 3000kg up to 3500kg DGW) (3 years)