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As cars become much more complex, in an affort to cut emissions and to make cars more fuel efficient, they have become much more reliant on state of the art electronic control systems throughout the vehicle.

So while modern motor vehicles are more reliable, modern electrical problems can be quite complex.
Fortunately, our fully qualified Technicians have the equipment and ability to diagnose and repair all on board management systems.

This includes all Makes, Models, or Systems.
Whether Petrol, Diesel, ABS, ESP, Airbag and Body Control Systems.
From sensor and wiring faults to replacement Electronic Control Units. Full Common Rail Diesel Testing, to Fuel system Checks.

Key Coding
Smoke Testing for Air Induction Leaks
Particular Filter Regeneration

With the aid of:
IDS - Ford, Land Rover, Jaguar, Mazda
Tech2 - Vauxhall, Saab, Suzuki
Renault - Clip
Citroen - Lexia
Peugot - Planet

For all Vehicles - Cars, Van, Trucks, Buses, Plants and Static Engines

The equipment connects to the vehicles diagnostic socket, where information is extracted through fault codes and live information.
We can then use this information to pinpoint the fault.
The equipment diagnoses engine management, antilock braking, traction control, climate control air conditioning, service lights, air bags, most other vehicle systems.